Nceba & Danica

The Story

I first met Danica when she came to Cape Town with an outreach team from Youth With A Mission in 2013. She quickly joined a group I was a part of where we served, played and loved on little ones in a creche. She also met Nceba immediately when she came. She fell in love with the people of South Africa and decided to stay long term while the rest of her team left. Over the years, Danica and Nceba built such an incredible relationship...not just with each other but everyone they were around.

They managed to work extremely hard on their relationship and understand each others cultures. Many, many people stood beside them, prayed for them and knew what a powerful couple they were.

We had the privilege of having Danica live with us in a few of our homes and we walked with Nceba from one of the first days we landed in Cape Town in 2010. I asked them so many times to do a photo shoot of them! Danica always just did that (unforgettable) laugh and yet here we find ourselves...

Their wedding was at Groenrivier Estates - a farm that is set up as the perfect venue with majestic mountains as the backdrop. My sister Kathy came with me and second shot the wedding and captured some of these special moments with me.

When I showed up early in the morning, Danica was in the kitchen finishing up her own wedding cake. If you know her, there would be no other way to start this perfect day!

I hope these photos do justice to show Danica and Nceba's glorious love story...