Jason & Kathy

The Story

We hit the windy sand dunes of Misty Cliffs in Cape Town for this family shoot. It became of time of playing, dancing, sword-slashing fun. We battled the winds and had the best time. This was such a special shoot to do. This was the first time in Cape Town for Jason and Kathy and they fell in love with it. They now understand why our family went for 3 months and ended up staying for over 6 years!

So much laughter and love
Makayla Rayne
This is such a special month for this beautiful woman, she's a cancer survivor of 16 years this December. She radiates beauty and serves with all her heart everywhere she goes.
Payton Jay
Payton is an incredible man, hard-working, fun and adventurous. He pushed through this shoot even with a migraine...
Taya Dawn
Taya is a friend to all and I'm so glad she let me be creative with her and the camera. She is artistic and crafty and honest. It was amazing to holiday in my favorite city with this gorgeous niece!
Trey Jordan
One of my favorite humans on the planet...and I got to see South Africa through his eyes. It was one unique experience. A time I will cherish forever.
Jason & Kathy
The camera can't capture the love and fun these two humans are...but here's a little glimpse!
"To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me" -Isaac Newton